Shared Service Centers (SSC)
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Shared Service Centers (SSC) and Captive Offshore Centers have proven their ability to centralize and normalize operations, increase processing efficiency, improve service levels and garner cost savings. However many SSCs have exhausted the benefits available from these strategies and are exploring for new ways to deliver sustainable and ongoing value-add business case.

HR SSC services Offerings
  • Established processing centers
  • High-end talent and skill sets
  • Low annual attrition rate
  • Established recruiting, training, and employee management
  • Multiple work shifts – Capabilities for round the clock processing
  • Flexible, variable cost structure
  • Continuously introduce innovations to deliver ongoing value-add
  • Risk management and regulatory compliance focus
The proven merits of HR SSC
Lower and more transparent costs
More efficient resourcing; better career development for HR staff
Better quality services
A more integrated ‘complete solution’ approach to problems
A more selective and strategic contribution from HR
Improving credibility of function
HR becoming more strategic
Improvement in service quality
More responsive customer service.
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Empower your business
Through HR SSC
Today, the effective SSC and Captive Center must be
ready to act as an innovative business partner
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We offer end to end services from basic transactional processes to most advanced services
such as internal controls, process re-engineering and handling compliances.
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