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About Osource


Osource Global Private Limited (Formerly known as Osource (India) Private Limited), one of the leading platform enabled business process management company, was set up in January 2004 in India. Osource being a global business operator focuses on integrated end-to-end outsourcing solutions and delivers transformational benefits to its clients through reduced costs, ongoing productivity improvements and process reengineering. Osource provides advanced solutions to a wide range of large, medium-sized & small sized enterprises including many leading blue-chip multinational firms/setups. Osource operates in India, Middle East, Australia and the United States, and as of March 31st, 2016, employed 2,000 +people. view brochure

Business Process Outsourcing

For over a decade, we have been passionately serving our global client business process management services in the areas of finance and accounting, human resource services, Consulting & operations, technology solutions and industry specific solutions. The resulting business process and industry domain expertise and experience running complex operations, are a unique heritage and focus that help us drive the best choices across technology, analytics and organizational design.

We are renowned for helping clients operate and invest seamlessly in and beyond their home markets, by providing global business services that allow focusing on their core competencies. We take pride in being a consistent performer and are endorsed by our customers for the same. read more

Information Technology

Just because we’ve been in business a number of decades doesn’t mean you have to use legacy software. Leveraging on our two decades of experience and updating with latest technology, we bring the most up-to-date, robust ERP systems and implementation services to our customers. Our solutions are backed with the latest technology, keeping in mind our clients’ continuous needs for scalability, data security, disaster recovery and un-interrupted business continuity. Our customers globally have a variety of different deployment solutions available i.e. from on-premises, to SaaS, to Cloud and more. Our customers can also run their ERP systems from their mobile device through a mobile app. Our ERP also gives you the freedom to fully configure from the front end i.e. without the help of a developer. You can, for example, configure any given screen to show only the data that is relevant to you. read more


To be a global leader in the innovative technology business & outsourcing solutions delivering technology led path breaking transformational solutions to clients emphasizing on cutting edge next-generation outsourcing practices


The values that drive our commitments to:

  • Customer delight : We place our client at the core of everything we do
  • Opportunity : We embrace feedback and look for opportunities to improve and do things differently
  • Delivery & commitments : To surpass client expectations consistently
  • Excellence : To strive relentlessly, constantly improve ourselves, our teams, our services and products to become the best
  • Integrity & transparency : Be ethical, honest & committed in all actions

WE at osource
Established in 2004, Osource has grown to its current position as one of the top most trusted end to end platform enabled outsourcing solutions leaders.

Our journey begins under the brand of Osource

Penetration into US Markets, 2000 + Employees, Started a massive 25,000 Sq Ft Delivery Centre in Mumbai

Opened up the 7th Office in Mumbai, 1800+ Employees and 650+ Clients

Established Offices in UAE & Australia, Client Base reaches 600+

Introduced SSC & Consulting Services as addition to existing service portfolio

Employee base crossed 500+

Client base Hits 300+

Offices in NCR & Bangalore were setup

distinguishes between a leader
and a follower

We are keen listeners. We constantly talk to our clients to understand the explicit and latent needs. We look to understand the challenges they face in their existing processes. This dialogue forms the basis of our innovation strategy.

We take our findings and work internally with our expert’s team i.e. operations team, product team, development team & others to ensure we can take the idea and converting the thoughts into a process/solution.

Another facet of our strategy comprises of understanding new developments within the markets where we operate & where our clients are, what is new and accordingly our experts team focuses on benchmarking our processes and solutions with industry standards.

Surpass customer expectations and create new benchmarks

Our services & solutions confirms to the highest quality standards required by our Client’s. Our aim has always been not only to meet quality expectations but surpass them and create a new benchmark within the industry.

ISO 9001:2015
Compliance with local rules and regulations
Robust risk management framework
stay in tune with changing customer needs and preferences

We take a pride in interacting with our esteemed customers and as a part of regular activity and help during the seamless transition & migration for the various services & solution offered opted by them. We aggressively collect the feedback of our esteemed customers and ensure the quality expectations are just not only met but surpass them and create a new benchmark within the industry.

We have developed customer service focused approach internally. We ensure to provide a cultural fit environment for the all the employees working at Osource. We provide ample of training to our employees so as to ensure they understand the company’s mission, values and vision and accordingly can adapt.

We allow freedom to our people to experiment so that the outcome should be favorable for the customer thereby enhancing relationship with the customers. We encourage people to learn from their success and failures and share these learning with the rest of the employees.

We always try to see how we can offer services and solutions that’s makes life better for our esteemed customers through our varied range of service offerings