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Onex ALM makes
Onex Asset & Liablity Managing your financial risk
ALM is a systematic approach that attempts
to provide a degree of protection to the risk
arising out of asset/liability mismatch.
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Comprehensive and dynamic framework for measuring,

monitoring and managing the financial risks through Onex Asset & Liability Management Tool

With an internal risk measurement and pricing system, Osource’s Onex Asset Liability Management System (ALM) solution can help you not only minimize liquidity risk but guide the balance sheet in the right strategic direction through funds transfer pricing.

Onex Asset Liability Management System ALM provides an integrated risk management solution that enables full and multi-dimensional analysis of the balance sheet. It also allows you to easily and accurately model customer behavior, economic valuation, interest rate scenarios and a wide range of other variables. Onex Asset Liability Management System ALM helps you optimize both the size and the use of your surplus cash reserves – releasing strategic cash for revenue generation.

Onex Asset Liability


Delivers configurable modules on scalable and distributed processing technology
Comprehensive cash flow and valuation engine
Incorporates an enterprise-wide interest rate risk management platform
Offers a simulation engine for building balance sheet models and estimating parameters
Provides strong scenario definition capabilities to define an infinite number of stress scenarios that account for various risk factors
Performs statistical analysis on various business drivers by deploying sophistically or historically distributed risk factors
Offers a full fletched funds transfer pricing framework

What makes Onex ANL right for you?

It lets different departments to work on the same data platform while pursuing their specific and institution-wide strategic goals
Onex ANL
It processes and calculates cash flows based on original position behavioral characteristics
Onex ANL
It assures that regulatory standards are met
Onex ANL
It allows earnings simulation and valuation routines to naturally produce accurate results for positions
Onex ANL
It facilitates to reconcile the complex interdependent relationships of an organization’s balance sheet
Onex ANL