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Securely managing your paperwork & automating business processes

Onex Document Management System (DMS) automates & digitizes your manual processes with ease. With your very own digital cabinet, you can seamlessly file your paperwork, easily retrieve documents, have all the information you need at your fingertips, track your business processes and manage a paperless office.

Onex DMS saves your valuable time by retrieving both electronic & paper documents in a much faster and efficient manner, which in turn increases the productivity of your office. It can run as a self-hosted or cloud based solution or an on premise model. It also has a wealth of valuable features and offers outstanding customer support.

Onex Document


  • Secure & ultra-light viewer
  • AI Enabled OCR Tool
  • QR Code Imprinted Documents
  • Dynamic Workflow
  • Workflow field control
  • Mouse over feature in Document Viewer
  • Document Linkage
  • Notes Annotation
  • Dynamic Report Generation
  • Email Notifications
Security Engine
Workflow Engine
Reporting Engine
Inbuilt Notification Engine
Interface Engine
User Access Management
Access based role definition
Mobile App (ios/Android)
What makes Onex DMS the right choice?
Reduced Storage Space Commercial property costs are increasing which makes storing paper documents equally expensive.
Onex DMS
Enhanced Security Compliance requirements for certain documents can be complex. Non-conformance can lead to fines, revoked licenses.
Onex DMS
Search & Retrieval Can retrieve files easily with advance searching options like Boolean and Long Tail Symmetric which enables access to critical information within seconds.
Onex DMS
Easy File Sharing With Onex DMS, information sharing & collaboration can be a lot easier. It provides visibility to business processes & workflow monitoring.
Onex DMS
Better Backup & Disaster Recovery Onex DMS enables documents to be digitized & archived at their point of entry into the system.
Onex DMS
Access Control Onex DMS comes with an inbuilt access control monitor, which facilitates control of access rights of documents within the online repository itself.
Onex DMS
Meta-Tagging The capturing of Metadata (tagging), when storing paper/electronic documents creates database mining when information is needed.
Onex DMS
A Robust Search Feature It's essential your team is able to search through all of your content, yet so many document management systems lack this important feature.
Onex DMS for mobile device.
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Onex DMS for your desktop
Keep your files in sync, backed up, and available wherever you are
We make Document Management Easy, Efficient and Affordable.
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