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Osource Human Resource Outsourcing Solutions

Empowering Individuals, Teams and Organization

Today specialized skill sets are required to achieve globalization, process re-engineering, best practice optimization, analytics, and ongoing innovation. To achieve this vision; business leaders are choosing to partner with a platform enabled outsourcing leader from the start.

Osource’s comprehensive suite of HR Outsourcing services are specially designed for catering to the entire HR value chain i.e. right from Recruitment till Exit management. Osource offers a fully owned & managed platform based solution including pre-built global HR processes and industry frameworks. The technology platform solution becomes the single-stop shop for HR managers & employees to address any of their related requirements.

By augmenting the SSC concept with outsourcing, a new model emerges which can deliver the ongoing value add and ROI required by the businesses. These benefits together with the savings in cost, time and risk, makes outsourcing a smart alternative to the Captive Shared Service Centre (SSC) model.

Human Resource
Outsourcing Benefits
Osource’s offerings in the areas of HR Outsourcing services can help the client achieve the following :
Established processing centers
High-end talent and skill sets
Low annual attrition rate
Established employee management
Multiple work shifts
Flexible, variable cost structure
Continuous innovations
Risk & Compliance Management
We offer end to end services from basic transactional processes to most advanced services
such as internal controls, process re-engineering and handling compliances.
Our comprehensive range of Human resource outsourcing service offerings are :