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Osource delivers an entire spectrum of business process management services such as finance & accounting, human resource operations, research & analytics, technology solutions and industry-specific back-office processes.

We are an employee centric organization in entirety. It is our objective to treat employees as our most valued assets and provide them all possible enablers for their growth. We provide plethora career opportunities within the organization that results in overall growth and development for our employees, thus creating the best brand ambassadors possible.

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Culture and Values

Our values are rooted in the belief that overall development of an employee is a result of the right mix of inspiration, innovation, ambition & growth. This is supported by clearly chalked out career paths that we provide to our employees.

We also encourage the right mix of fun at work to ensure that our employees are motivated and productivity remains at top notch.

Inclusion and Diversity

All our employees bring with themselves diverse perspectives, work experience, life style, and culture. Since we thrive on innovation, we realize the kind of potential it holds and the kind of power it can unleash. We respect and appreciate differences in ethnicity, gender, age, education, caste & religion.

We recognize that each of our employees have unique strengths and we strive to harness these strengths to create a high performance – high reward work culture.

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