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Our approach to supporting businesses with HR needs

Businesses today require the human resource functioning to be efficient, transparent, compliant with regulations, and focused on supporting the organization’s strategic goals. To achieve this, many business leaders choose to partner with platform-enabled outsourcing leaders. Osource Global offers a comprehensive suite of HR outsourcing services that cater to the entire HR value chain, from recruitment to exit management.

With a fully owned and managed platform-based solution that includes pre-built global HR processes and industry frameworks, Osource’s technology platform becomes a single-stop solution for HR managers and employees to address their HR-related requirements. By combining the benefits of the shared service center (SSC) concept with outsourcing, a new model emerges that can deliver ongoing value-add and ROI for businesses. This model offers significant savings in cost, time, and risk, making outsourcing a smart alternative to the Captive SSC model.

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