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Our approach to supporting businesses with Information Technology

Osource Global has established itself as a leading provider of IT solutions over the past two decades. With an extensive global presence and an impressive clientele, we at Osource provide a winning edge to organizations. Combining scalability, stability, and customer-centricity to deliver tangible benefits, has made a reliable IT partner across industries.

Our approach has disrupted traditional business models, enabling businesses to navigate technological evolutions through Osource’s Next Generation Software (Onex). Onex offers greater transparency and predictability around large, complex programs, clarity around return on investments, and flawless execution. With technical excellence, business performance monitoring, business intelligence, and customer experience management, Osource Global has been a credible partner for businesses seeking to optimize their operations and achieve their targets.

Onex ERP

Onex ERP is crafted to address unique complexities and challenges throughout your business cycle. From prospect identification to delivery and collections, it provides a comprehensive view of every aspect of your operations

As one of the industry’s fastest-growing cloud/on-premise ERP providers, Onex is trusted by over 550 global organizations boasting 750,000 active users. Accessible via cloud, SaaS, and on-premise, the entire Onex ERP suite offers the freedom to access information worldwide through web and mobile applications. With mobile capabilities, you can stay connected to your business activities. The standout feature of Onex ERP Suite lies in its real-time capabilities, providing the ability to monitor your company’s ongoing activities, particularly valuable in handling high volumes of business processes.