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Our approach to supporting businesses with Finance and Accounting needs

Osource Global offers a team of expert financial and accounting professionals to help organizations streamline their back-office operations and maximize profits. Our FAO solution provides a process excellence framework and re-engineering using quality management principles and business management tools.

At Osource, we understand that every business has unique financial and accounting needs. That’s why we align our services with our client’s business needs, ensuring maximum impact. Our focus is on delivering measurable ROIs to CFOs across industries and geographies. To empower our clients to thrive in rapidly changing economies, we are committed to going beyond operational deliverables and providing innovative solutions to help our clients manage and plan cash flows, optimize working capital, and build cash savings.

Why choose us

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20 years of domain expertise

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1000+ project experts


Expertise in key ERPs

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Zero fatal errors

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Dynamic reporting system

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In-house Onex automation software