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Bespoke Software Development as unique as your business

Every new development innovation we do for our Clients is ‘bespoke’ and is created based on our deep understanding of their needs, issues, challenges and opportunities, with an array of know-how blocks developed, proven, established over years of global Corporate experience. We use our complete SDLC model to structure and provide optimal bespoke solutions:

Our unique strength is our consulting capability to design optimal bespoke solutions. We understand the uniqueness inherent in Organizations, people capabilities, leadership strategies & approaches, and challenges in development of IT solutions. Therefore we are committed to design unique bespoke solutions.

Bespoke Applications

Our designing solution majorly comprises the following
Our research combines years of industry and functional expertise in areas of Sales & Marketing, ERP, CRM, HRMS, Business Understanding, Leadership, People Management and Team Building.
Design Conceptualization
Design Conceptualization
The essence of the solution is articulated first. This forms the red thread around which the design is woven. Care is taken to ensure that the research is reflected at every stage. Robustness of design is assured through meticulous customized application of concepts selected from our more than 20 proprietary knowhow blocks in CRM, ERP, Accounting, AR, AP, Sales & Marketing, Managing Sales Teams.
Content Creation
Content Creation
The content is structured on the design framework. It is tailored to Client specific needs, and can be co-created with Client IT teams.
To assure the expected results, Project report, Joint evaluations. We offer follow up monitoring of the Organization’s activities post program, check project reports and balance sheet results, conduct joint evaluations and recommend the next steps for the organization to take.
Bespoke Applications
We at Osource recognize that with any business, it’s difficult to fund and resource the specialist skills required to drive your business forward and it's often the case that you will not have these resources available on tap for upcoming IT initiatives. Because of this, we work with all our clients as an extension of their own organization.
Bespoke solutions in IT Outsourcing results into an enduring quality and significant value eventually increasing the productivity.
Customized designs of timeless beauty that engages team to use solutions as they are user friendly.
Tailor made IT solutions with
measurable improvements.
Secured & Scalable
Front End driven
Easy to use
24/7 customer support
Onex DMS
Onex Document Management System (DMS) automates & digitizes your manual processes with ease...
Onex A&L
Onex Asset Liability Management System ALM provides an integrated risk management solution that enables full and multi-dimensional analysis of the balance sheet...
Onex Spend Management
Onex Spend Management System (SMS) enables customers streamline the supplier-side of business practices and to leverage the supply base for mutual success...