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Onex Flow
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Manage your complex Business Processes with dynamic workflow through Onex Flow
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Join the Paperless Office Revolution By

Securely managing your paperwork & automating business processes


  • Paper is prone to damage
  • Loss of documents
  • Higher storage & retrieval cost
  • Security concerns
  • Turn around time is more
  • Difficult to track
  • No audit trails
  • Lack of customer satisfaction
  • Low productivity

    With rapidly-changing technology and an increasing emphasis on managing information properly, Onex Flow is a solution to address business-critical processes available on cloud . Companies constantly feel the need for assistance in figuring out how to improve efficiency, profitability and productivity. Well, the answer lies in Implementing Osource's web based ONEX FLOW which is built on a stable and robust.


  • Flexible Form designs
  • Dynamic Workflow
  • Digitalize Process
  • Configure business rules & decisions
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Role based access privilege
  • Cloud Based –Real time visibility
  • Exception Management
  • Mobile App

  • 100% Environmental friendly
  • Quick Implementation
  • Cost friendly storage & retrieval
  • Highly secured
  • Shorter turnaround time
  • Easy & faster tracking
  • Complete audit trails
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced productivity
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